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New sintered clutch

About the clutch. I got the bike back from South sound BMW on Friday. Upon disassembly, my diagnosis of a blown slave cylinder was indeed correct. I got it replaced, and got the Lucas sintered clutch installed, and racked up 8 hours of labor. On top of the labor charges, here's what the parts cost--

$288--sintered clutch (shipped from Wunderlich)
$192--clutch housing
$ 92--pressure plate
$ 72--diaphragm spring
$ 59--gaskets, fluids and misc parts

Of course, I was curious to see how badly worn the old clutch was. The OEM organic friction plate is 6.6mm thick. The Service Manual says it should be replaced when it gets to 4.8mm. Mine measured out at 5.2mm. That means I had about 22% of my organic pads left after 47,000 miles as a solo bike and 17,000 miles as a hack. Good call I think to do the upgrade now instead of later.

I had to ride the bike back to my house as a solo bike (the sidecar is sitting in my garage with the subframe etc.) I was expecting all kinds of drama riding the bike for the first time with the sintered clutch. Everybody told me to keep the revs up when shifting and to allow the friction plate to engage very gradually to avoid chudder or grabbiness. Several people said "Be careful!" like I was taking my life in my hands.

Well, guess what? Total yawner. The clutch was smooth as silk. I only live about 10 miles away so there were only 8 places where I had to upshift or downshift, but there was no drama at all. Yes, it felt different, but really it was quite smooth. After I get the car re-attached, I'll take it out for a more grueling break-in and will report back here.

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