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Meeting Merlyn the magician.............

We wake up just before the heat hits us and Esther makes some oatmeal....

We go inside where I say hello to the gang and we both get a pair of new gloves.... then it's off to fuel up, I need a new GPS and then south.

As we fuel up I talk with this puurty girl who's name I've forgotten... She gets it and is hungry for truth so I give her one of my books...

We hit up a Cabelas and I splurge on the new Montana 650... while waiting for them to open we meet none other than a Super Fine Dude.... Merlyn Townley...

We instantly connect on a spiritual level and long talk insues..... he shows me a picture of Sai Baba who is looking THROUGH the pigeon.

Then we talk Mtn bikes and stuff. He gives me some stickers including the LuluLemon womens team sticker who he's wrenching for right now... they've won every race the've entered in the last two weeks.
He tells me of the year long Adventure race Odyssey 2000 and visiting 60+ countries plus other grand adventures etc...etc.
I know I've met someone special and when I get home I do some searching.

Townley Headed for Rwanda To Develop Bike/Coffee Project
By Martha Slater

Townley Headed for Rwanda To Develop Bike/Coffee Project By Martha Slater
Bicycles and volunteering to help others have been the two big passions of Merlyn Townley's life. (Herald / Bob Eddy) Normal Martha 1Merlyn Townley, son of the late Hugh Townley of Bethel, leaves next week to live in the African country of Rwanda. As part of Project Rwanda, he’ll be there for a minimum of a year developing a western style bike shop, which he notes “will be the first of its kind within 1,000 miles in any direction in that country, and will also be combined with a coffee shop.”
Townley heard about the project in its early days and the founder, Tom Ritchey, who is famous within the bicycle industry, called him about a month ago and asked him to come on board.
“I’ll work on the coffee shop and bike shop project and also teach bike mechanics to local people there, so they can build and maintain the bikes that will be given to them through Project Rwanda,” Townley explained.
Coffee is the major export of Rwanda.
“It’s all fair-trade shade-grown coffee and they just connected with Starbucks,” Townley said. “The country has such a problem with deforestation that it’s now illegal to cut down a tree. The way the farmers get their coffee from Point A to point B is on bikes made entirely of wood—even the wheels! They have no brakes or gears, so they’re treacherous. The coffee is grown in the mountains and this is their only source of transportation, so we’re importing bikes to give to the farmers to help them.”
Townley explained that, “The new bike that Tom Ritchey has designed for them is like a mountain bike, with three extra feet behind the seat so that it will carry their goods to market, but has brakes and gears so it’s an actual rideable machine.”
A small country in east central Africa, bordered by Tanzania to the east, Congo to the west, Uganda to the north, and Burundi to the south, Rwanda is said to be the most densely populated country in eastern Africa.

“It’s also a democracy, and the only stable government,” Townley pointed out. “It’s about 100 miles south of the equator and has a temperature range year-round of 50-75 degrees, so they have never seen snow.”
In addition to running the bike and coffee shops, and teaching mechanics, Townley will put on seven bike races, the last of which will be an international race, with all African nations encouraged to compete.
Townley has nearly 30 years experience in the cycling industry. He has worked both as a bicycle mechanic since 1982 and providing neutral support for over 1,000 national and international races.
In addition, he served as head mechanic for the Odyssey 2000 cycling tour, a one-year, world wide cycling expedition that encompassed 45 countries on six continents with 250 riders.
One of only 11 category one licensed bicycle race mechanics worldwide, Townley’s diverse work experience also includes serving as a volunteer with the American Red Cross Disaster Services since 1988 in areas such as Hurricane Wilma, the Rhode Island nightclub fire and at the World Trade Center. His volunteer work also includes helping during the Tsunami disaster relief.

In the Cabelas I strike up talk with the cute checkout girls and give their day a SUPER BOOST...... of course this bouces onto me to and I feel just fiiiiiiine!

As I go next door to grab a screen saver from the Best Buy, I see on the building front a HUGE billboard advertising Tom Clancy's newest virtual War game.... a guy all in a chemical mask waving his assault rifle...sigh.
I think to myself... in our Culture it's OK to flaunt War games and Killing on the front of a store...
BUT when I'm in a health practitioners office... it's TABOO to show the simple truth of a male and females anatomy???? Always just kinda erased as though our reproductive organs don't exist?!?!?!?!?
Really people..............

Anyway we roll on South again from Mountain Home and I'm feeling really gooooood despite the billboard... just thinking of Merlyn and the cute checkout girls...

Plus as much as Boise is an OK City as far as Cities go.... I much prefer OPEN SPACES!

An Exodus of our own so to speak....

We head into the dry zone and decide we'll meet up somewhere later tonight... gives us a chance to ride at our own paces and her a chance to get used to long expanses of lonely...

A bit of an Oasis known as the CJ Strike Reservoir which has the Ol' Oregon Trail running along it's side...

What a nice lush valley in the midst of this arid dessert...

Nice stonework...

Aaaah some twisties.. THANK YOU....

And the Wild Horse Reservoir... with McAfee Peak in the distance 10,443ft.

As the kids get off the bus I give a wave and think about their lives out here on this open expanse....

I decide to stop and put in my earbuds for some muzak... been just in my head most all of the ride sooo far.

In the middle of NOwhere I see this ranch and take a few pics.... as the road splits the farm.

This ranch distraction along with the music playing in my ears gets me my second ticket in 13 pull overs...while rolling 84mph doesn't hurt/help either LOL.
I'll be calling Elko to pay via Visa when the docket clears... Elko.

Things start greening up a bit near Jigs...

As I'm pulled over eating a Cliff bar I get a txt from Esther... she's holed up in Eureka NV. I decide to take a 60mi dirt road into town and meet her whenever I get there. She's found a town park a local turned her onto and we're sleeping for FREE again woohoo.

It's getting onto sundown and the Jackrabbits are THICK! Antelope too... as well as a few head of cattle.

I've gotta be SUPER on my toes as I'm railing at 60-70mph on this dirty lowlit road. The surface is hard packed so the roads not my biggest problem.

It does then get a bit looser for a few miles adding some more fun into the mix...

Then it's dark with just enough moonlight to keep the animals out and moving...

As I'm about 4 miles North of Eureka the road has turned back to asphault and I'm cruis'n at just over 70mph... when out of Nowhere (yea right dummy he is standing right in front of you!!!) A calf appears in the middle of the road 30yds ahead with 5/8 of his body into my lane. I always ride centerlane at night to afford a bit of cushion from critters on either side. I've relaxed now that I'm on the slab again and the nights nearly over... a fatal mistake I know better than to allow... yet here I am... I'm hard on the brakes and start to swerve right, but he's more in the right than the left and I'm slightly left, sooo I correct and go left instead which is the side he's facing which is normaly a touchy move but I've only got a little over a second to get clear at this speed and can't waste anymore time........

Woooosh I just cleeear him and then coast...... and coast...................................
I pull over and get on my knees for a long, long while... that was really, reaally close man.

I pull into town get some fuel and late night food... The guy at the register is cranky soo I leave looking for food but havta come back... it's the only place I can still eat... I go the other way and give him an extra tip and treat him kind even tho in the past I would've threatened to knock his head off.
It works and I go set out front to eat in the moonlight... glad to still be walking and chewing after the close calf call.
I find Esther in the park in her tent with Spirit a ways off in the street. I pull my bike into the fenced yard then grab hers and make a quick leanto next to Desiree' in the grass... I like to be near my girl when I sleep.


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