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Ok got it started and took it for a spin. Ran OK considering. Starts really easy right now. I need to adjust idle however. Clunky tranny just like my old R65. As expected.

Honesty I don't think we are far off currently. Maybe get the idle an carb set. I had spoken to a BMW mechanic thurs, an he suggested I have the needle set on the 3rd location. If 2nd is better that is easy enough to change. The butterflies sealed fine. The float seams to be fine as well.

How much is the proper oil for this thing? Everyone seems to say a different amount.

The tach literally just spins in location, like something from a circus. I will probably remove that entire assembly at some point. Speedo worked fine.

I need to install my new cables as the ones on here are garbage. Also needs new springs for the carbs as these are sooooo stiff. Turning the throttle is a chore.

So I need to address the timing so i need a timing gun. Do I need the best one or will a Harbpr freight chat age one get it done. As its closest to me.

Please feel free to shoot me ANYTHING else I can address I plan on taking all this apart again soon and cleaning everything up better and adjusting a few things etc.

Thanks again guys seriously
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