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Originally Posted by creeper
Hey Bucky... I'll bite on your iridium plug query...

Would a seat of the pants power increase be felt?
Would you be willing to leave the plug in for 10... 20 thousand miles?

If one were to take the lean mixture idea to heart and rejet their bike a bit leaner, the consequences of which was a measurable improvement in fuel economy without a loss of power... then maybe the cost could be justified, especially on a single cylinder bike used frequently for commuting.
Creeper, I do not believe that there could be noticeable power increase but was wondering if maybe with slightly better burn in the chamber if the bike could be a touch smoother at low revs, I currently change the plug at 3.5k miles at the time of service just because it is a pig to get to, but the plug always looks good, I think I will fit an Iridium and keep it till it fails but carry the one I take out this time, the cost is minimal, a full £3 more than the standard plug.

I commute on my bike 50 miles each way every day at the moment except when I have meetings and need to be suited, then I take the car but start and finish late to miss the traffic.
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