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Originally Posted by bmwktmbill
We went round and round on the BMW Airhead list on this point. It's all AGM, not gel now. I had good luck with Panasonic AGM-same as what Westco sell relabeled. In the USA a company called Digikey sells Panasonic real cheaply. You can do a search for the 800 number and give them a call on sizes. Just put 50K tough miles on one. It is still very strong.
Bill in Tomahawk, WI
Thanks, that's the kind of recommendation I like, with the battery size I know that if it fails in the back of beyond it could be a major problem so the best battery is the only way to go. I heard that the Westco was the Panasonic but need to check the model number because all they list here is gel, although I am led to believe that they are the AGM type.
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