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Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone. I've been struggling with a small 'essay' on the connection between man and's taking longer than I anticipated, so in the meantime I've been trying to keep the R/R interesting with pictures. :P

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So instead of steak tartar you had Mr. Ed tartar? I've had that when unscrupulous restaurateurs served Ed over beef in Bordeaux. Prefer the cow variety myself. Pork belly thoYUMM
Someone's never been to The Black Hoof!

As for Montreal--I'm here! This morning I passed from Ontario into Quebec (details / pics to come). When all the signs changed from English to French, I realized just how far I've come. On the road now for more than two months and am nearing the 13,000 kilometer mark (sorry, have to practice my US Standard to Metric conversions). I've seen landscapes change from city to desert to farmland to zombieville and back to metro city and only now does it begin to sink in--this isn't an adventure: it's my life.

Up until recently I would often wake up not knowing where I was and I'd have to perform a semi-sleep-panic survey of a dimly lit room to uncover a detail that might give me a clue to where I was (especially if I had to pee). Now I just go back to sleep and figure it'll sort itself out when the alarm goes off.

On the road I often have a similar experience--today it was, 'how come I'm on 40 when I should be on 20?' So I keep going, figuring that it'll sort itself out. And if it doesn't, something else usually happens that makes the 'getting lost' part more than worthwhile--hell, getting lost is 4x the fun! (Whoever said it was half the fun must have really had to take really big shit.)
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