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See below.

QUOTE=640 Armageddon;19559593]Excellent choiCe ! I think the bike suits very well long distance rallys with very little modification. The downside is that after market parts have become rare these days, rally bash plates are difficult and very expensive to find . Larger bash plates are rare as well and there is only Hyderacing (hard plastic - Europe) and bboffroad (Aluminium - Australia) and the price in these two are fine.

The bike came with a full bash/skid plate.

I would go and protect the tank and most importantly the fuel petcock with Chris Barnes's tank protectors, I have had two sets and the fist one go damaged but everything else survived the accident. Very good for off road riding, cheap and they come in aramid or CF. Now we are on the petcock thing, check for leakage in all positions. It should not drip but you never know...

Petcocks look solid. no leaks. I'll have to check into the petcock protector. That looks like an accident waiting to happen. Kind of like the waitress I saw balancing a 5 gal bucket of ice water on the rail of the pool table this weekend at the bar. She did it 3 times successfully, then #4- there was a "pool" on the pool table

I would check the voltage that reaches the front of the bike. This particular is not old, but the cables are not known for their good quality so you may loose a couple of volts between the battery and the lights. Now we are on the lights they are terrible. You dont understand it until you put either HIDs or LEDs. I had HIDs for most if the time and it is an easy mod to do. What you have to remember is to put silicone inside the ballasts to prevent them from self destryoing themselves from the offroad rides and falls. I went through three of them before doing so. . The silicone trick should be applied into the bottom plastic part of the main switch. Usually in a rally bike you bypass the switch with a toggle or sth so that should not be a problem I think...

Lights and toggles are on the list now.

I guess the BRP chain block that the Baja Dad says is the aluminium chain guide. It is a KTM part but it was easier for me to find it through husaberg (I have an FE450 2oo5 model as well). It is a straight bolt on and the only problem that you will ever come acroos will be for it to take a massive hit and bend. Then you are in business ... You can modify it so you can take it out without having to break the chain, so that is a wise idea. Or you can carry a dremel tool with you

I'll put a BRP on to start.

For the navigation equipment just make sure you put fuses for everything. Mounts for RB's can be found from KTM (they suck - full lock is prohibited ). Mecasystemes has stopped doing the one they had so you are on your own ... You may need to change the fairing back to the old version which was two parts. It is higher and you can modify it to be more vertical in order to accomodate the navigation equipment without interfering with the handlebars. As Baja Dad, more and more people have decided to make their own navigation towers, either for different or for this bike (and I am one of them as well ), but you can look here and proceed accordingly if you feel adventurous...

Baja Dad said he was making a mod to the stock KTM Roadbook holder. I'm going to see if I can come up with a HYBRID of what I found in the Rally Nav thread. There is already a mounting point on the steering stem, which seems like the biggest pain in the butt to fabricate.

If it does not have, try and find a sidestand that works. That is another challenge. KTM original does not fit straight away with the centre stand on, so it is either one or the other. Motec, does a side stand which will bolt on and allow you to keep both stands but it is a death trap and beleive me is can eat your legs for breakfast... For a rally bike I would prefer the side one only if I did not have another option ...

Aftermarket Sidestand is on the bike along with the center stand. The sidestand almost broke my shin when it came up unexpectedly! I was not wearing moto boots.

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