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As always, thanks for the replies about the noise based on experience. It doesn't seem that the noise was anything unusual, but I'll be able to listen with a somewhat more educated ear now.

I continue to slowly sort through some other small things on the bike. It now has a working headlight dimmer switch and a new front brake line.

For what it's worth, my friend who makes hoses and hydraulic lines only charged $30 for the front brake hose. For comparison, the one on-line dealer I looked up has the front brake hose priced at $91....Yikes that's a big difference. For mine we used D.O.T. rubber hose, but he also has braided hose and a rather nice braided hose with a black cover that looks nice too. This was about the 6th or 7th hose he's made for me for various bikes and I've never had a problem. I don't know if it would be proper to post contact info for the hose business or not, but if anyone is interested in getting in touch with him PM me or let me know if it's OK to post his phone number. He made a note of the fittings and length, so he'd be able to duplicate a line for at least a '75 R75/6 without sending a pattern.

In running the bike in the garage just a bit, I've also noticed that sometime when I turn on the key the neutral, generator and oil lights all light up, but sometime the generator light doesn't light up. It (generator light) has never been on with the bike running...not even flickering or partially illuminated. Since I know the bulb is good where would be a likely place to cause the intermittent light? Last time(s) I had it running for a bit I forgot to check the battery voltage with the bike running, but I'll do that next time.

Next question is tires....oh NO! Since this is a project bike and I don't know any background on it, I don't want to sink a lot of $$ on tires until I've had a chance to ride it some. The tires on it now are so bad I wouldn't think of riding it on the highway, and it certainly wouldn't pass state inspection. I think they might have been put on during the Carter administration. To get something road worthy on it, I've looked quite a bit and found these Duro tires and at a low price, but wondered it the ribbed front is bad for any reason on a /6. They would at least give me an opportinuty to do some "shake-down" riding without spending a lot. I'd put someone's useable take-offs on it short term if I had any available! Most other tires in the 3.25-19 and 4.00-18 sizes are near $100 per tire, and with me being frugal, that seems like a lot for such an "unknown condition" bike.

Thanks, in advance!

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