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The night before, we'd been sitting with our noses buried i maps for 2 hours, planning next day's route. When done and dusted and with several good inputs from Hetty, it was put into my GPS. I was to be the tour-guide for the day, or at least that was the original plan. The ride would go to Grande Duche de Luxembourg, a place that was high on my to do list. I've been visiting all the small principialities in Europe, Andorra, Monaco, Lichenstein and San Marino leaving Luxembourg as the last one on the list. I've also been to Gibraltar, but being a part of UK it doesn't really count on my list, and the Vatican, well no, to much religion for me.

We rode out with the frontwheel pointing south-wards.

And reached Luxembourg.

Not that it looks different from Belgium...

Then, when stopping here for a ziggy and taking in the scenery, shit hit the fan.
Tom noticed that his rear tyre was worn down, like in totally worn down. He'd set out from home not really prepared tyre-wise, hoping that he could just make the trip on his worn down tyres. It was most likely the gravel-tracks from the day before that killed his rear tire.

In the next town we went into a tank-station and asked for a bike-shop or a tyre-shop. We got directions to a tyre-shop just out of town, and went there. They didn't have bike-tyres but was very helpfull and tracked down a bike-shop for us 40 km's away. Away we rode to the bike shop only to find it closed for siesta. We had to sit and wait hour. Bugger!

When they opened, they turned out very friendly, dropped everything in their hands to fix Tom a new set of tyres.
Meanwhile Tom jumped on the back of me and we went into town to grab something to eat.
With a fresh set of tyres on Tom's Suzuki we continued. We'd spent so much time fucking around with this tyre-problem, that we had to shorten down the days route considerably leaving out the town of Luxembourg.
We started riding north again and splitted up after 2 hours. Tom and Kox went on a chase for new ear-plugs and I rode back home to Baton Rouge.
Here I crossed the border to Belgium again.

Looking back at the brilliant road I'd just been riding.

I enjoyed the remaining 30 km's back north-west to Baton Rouge.

Back at the biker-motel I sat down in the bar and bullshitted with Ben over a beer, waiting for Tom and Kox to arrive.

Baton Rouge is an excellent place with a cool biker-atmosphere. A Laverda parked in the dining area.

And another one at the sofa section.

Hetty prepared a lovely dinner for us. She had a friend from Holland visiting, and they all sat down to have dinner with us.

It was my riding-buddies last night there, they had to go home the next day to start at work again. Originally I should have travelled on with Charles, but found myself on my own now. No problem though. I should have left the next day as well, as Baton Rouge was fully booked at the wekend. A cancellation on a double room had come in this thursday afternoon, and I grabbed the opportunity to stay over the weekend.
Ben and Hetty are a lovely couple, keen bikers themselves, and showing a genuine interest in their guests. They make you feel really welcome, and have a fantastic little place with just the right biker-feeling to it. They get the best of my recommondations. If you go to the wonderful riding-area of the Ardennes, don't miss out on the opportunity to stay at their place. Check out their website at
After a great evening in good company, it was early to bed, as my friends was getting up early to ride home, and I would get up with them to say them goodbye.
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