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The bike came with a full bash/skid plate
You will see that the bash plate (I guess it dependes on the terrain) will not suffice. It is quite thin in my opinion for the bike and mine was destroyed early in its life... Too rocky terrain so I changed it with a heavy duty.

She did it 3 times successfully, then #4- there was a "pool" on the pool table

Baja Dad said he was making a mod to the stock KTM Roadbook holder. I'm going to see if I can come up with a HYBRID of what I found in the Rally Nav thread. There is already a mounting point on the steering stem, which seems like the biggest pain in the butt to fabricate.

There are other options that you can modify the stock, there was on person who build his out of tube similat to what KTM has done but with bends so the handlebars do not hit it in full lock. He said he had the designs to share, I can look it up if you want something similar and sent him a pm. You will find that the pain in the ass (my ass at the moment and your ass in the future ) are the cables... At least in the 2oo5 midel there is a mess there... have no idea where to start clearing things up... I am almost ready to find the clippers and start

Aftermarket Sidestand is on the bike along with the center stand. The sidestand almost broke my shin when it came up unexpectedly! I was not wearing moto boots
Now we are on the same table, let me warn you about another thing. If it is a motec (it hit you, so I guess that's the one ) there may be a problem. The side stand has to bolts. One for itself and one which it shares with the centre stand. This one is an accident waiting to happen. As the side stand gets loaded, it loads the centre stand bolt (which is welded on the centre stand) and it breaks it. This happened to me and then you are both without side and centrestand. There is a modification for the centre stand only (it sometimes happens even if you do not have the side stand) were you put through bolts with nuts but lets not go there at the moment, I just give you some warnings and when you see it closely you may come up with sth In order to save you leg, please do use only one of the springs (the sidestand has two installed). It does the job and it does not give you the Muay Thai kick

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