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Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post
When it comes to AFR, I only trust measurements taken on the road with a good tool and when it comes to power, I only trust my butt. Dynos are very good for tuning a bike to run on them.
By the way, had a longer ride yesterday, actually low end and midrange might as well be stronger than the prefiltered setup and also smoother, definitely more crisp. No vibes anywhere. The trick with H2W is not the is the bottom jetting.

I sense you want to prove that something which is not rocket science actually is.
Similar to the 'you need vacuum' for crisp throttle response fixation going on for years in advrider, an opinion widely popular within 'the experts'

Guy, I was trying to help you... Thats ok. Ride your own ride.

FWIW, as I indicated in an earlier post, I did a tremendous amount of r&d with this, and with an onboard wideband too. I have ran what you are running, I have logged the results from sea level to 6000'. I know exactly whats going on with your mix, and what the airjets are doing to the midrange, which ones give the better results and which ones don't. Cold hard numbers, not a butt impression...

Here's the problem as I see it. There is no shortage keyboard genius know it all's that will post as an 'expert' to every thread regardless if they happen to have a clue or not. Some do it so long around here that they actually pick up a shred of knowledge which reinforces their self image as bike guru extraordinaire. Thing is though, without a background of real experience or professional education in this stuff, these guys are often wrong, misleading and post information that's unhelpful to the reader faced with picking out a hidden nugget of gold in a mountain of obfuscated cow shit. I'm only posting information I know to be factual, writhed from 6 years experience with these carbs and 30+ years of tuning and development.

From your posts, you're saying that you bumped your mains, put the snorkle back on and viola, its just peachy now. That's great! Consider this, you may have had a fat girl with a sloppy gash...traded her in on one a little better looking, but still a little heavy and her tits not so big, and think you're on the top of the world now. Paulina Rubio came knocking at your door and you aren't answering, because you're elbow deep in bed with this chunky A cup girl who you've convinced yourself is the best you can ever do. You hear the knocking, she's right there and you're yelling through the door, 'Fuck off, this isn't rocket science. You experts were all wrong'. She turns around and leaves you to your chubby lover, muttering, 'WTF is this guy talking about...why do I even bother'.
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