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Originally Posted by blaster11 View Post
Eric...did anyone have any recent experience in Mexico? I am curious about reality versus the TV news.
Lots of people. Everyone with Cental and South America experience wouldn't hesitate to go to Mexico. Its like saying don't visit the U.S. because there is a neighborhood in Detroit that is dangerous. Just use common sense, if you are in an area that makes you feel uncomfortable, there is probably a reason and go somewhere else. General safety rules apply. They did say for people to take taxis at night and not to walk through unknown neighborhoods, even if it seems like your hotel is close.

Everyone agrees that it is not safe to travel at night in Central and South America and the biggest reason is the road conditions. It is not uncommon for sections of road to be caved in or damaged and there be no warning signs.

They also said the Mexican border crossings are more organized than ever. They are also charging a tax "deposit" when you enter the country for your motorcycle on your credit card (accomplishes what a carnet would accomplish) and you get a refund when you leave the country (in the ballpark of $400 to $600 for newer, nicer motorcycles). Be sure to not lose your receipt. There are a few "free zones" that don't do this like Northern Baja but I'm not sure where the others are.
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