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Originally Posted by Mojave Mutt View Post
Don't worry, I know the "good way" to Big Bear from the desert side , you won't be disapointed. Any ride I take you guys on will be outstanding and fun. My goal is fun for all, regardless of skill level. I just like to share my many years of riding and exploring the high desert and local mountains with dudes that just want to enjoy a good ride experience with a professional level guide at no cost.

I am going to go ahead and THANK YOU ahead of time, :) The way I went I really cant remember as we had started the day off of Gold Mountain, then about 1/2 way through the day one of the riders suggested heading over to Pioneer Town for lunch, everyone agreed, and all I can say is . . . I had one of the best times ever riding my bike, and I have to also say, Pioneer Town has some kick butt grub and ice cold drinks, the ride back up into BB was even better then the ride down, it was a mix of mostly fire road's till the bottom, but even the roads were kick ASS, twisty turning, just TONS of fun and almost 0 people around... I had often thought how kick ass it would be to live in the High Desert and just blast up to BB at a moments notice, pretty much seems almost like heaven on earth doesnt it?

I also grew up here in So Cal, been riding since I was 5, explored all the desert has to offer all the way from Cajon Pass all the way past Barstow... I really had a soft spot for the Area off Johnson Rd straigh back from Bell Mountain, that used to be some of the BEST DIRT in So Cal, but now everything is off limits unless you have a PLATED Bike, and thats the reason I now own my KTM hehehe, I remember the first time riding it, I was stopped twice in one day, once by CHP and the other was a ranger, both were like I CANT believe that bike is street legal :)

Smiles all around, but now it seems CHP and the rangers know what KTM's are now, I have not been pulled over in some time, as long as I keep my sumo setup OFF the bike my chances of getting a ticket drop by 50%..

Oh I cant wait for a ride, FRESH AIR, the wind in my face, chasing the dust while standing on the pegs, freedom, my ultimate freedom......

Soooo looking forward to riding again....
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