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You may have carb problems but this is still a new thing for you. You are still learning. You can't adjust the carbs or fix the carbs until the ignition and valves are correct.

You don't have to have a tach to check the timing. You want to have the idle set at something less than 1000 rpm. Idle, you should know when this is right. You are sitting on the bike and it is idling at the light. When the light changes you go. That's idle. Aim the flashing light at the timing window and see if you can see the three lines. The bottom line should be lined up with the middle of the window. But if the three lines aren't exactly where we want them don't worry about it right now.

Now raise the throttle slowly and watch the lines climb out of the window. Eventually the dot with a mark, F, will appear. This will be above idle by quit a bit but you will be able to hold the throttle here for a few seconds while you look, look now at the dot and the F mark, hold the throttle steady where they have climbed as high as they will, they should stop in the middle of the timing window and a little more throttle they don't go above the timing window. There should only be one mark that you are watching. If you get a double image it is a problem. Look for it but I would hope you don't have this issue. It's actually rare.

You are looking for the full advance mark at approximately 2500 rpm. It will be at approximately 2500 rpm so don't worry about it. If the mark is above or below the window then adjust the points plate to center it. Sometimes it's actually easier to move the advance unit a little. They don't fit the D shape on the tip of the cam too tight and can be moved a couple of degrees.

I hope this helps. What should happen eventually is that you understand what is happening. When that happens you won't need me anymore Grasshopper and you will be ready to enter Cafe Bike Nirvana.

Do you own a manual yet? Which one? You need a manual. Either the Clymers or the Haynes.
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