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I have the Clymers Manual. It does a good job when you know what you are looking at.

OK so I got the bike to start more easily now. I adjusted the screw closest to the jug to about 3/4 turn out.

My petcocks are fine, no leak.

I have it idling now. I'm just not sure how high. I doubt its much over 1000.

I have it starting pretty easy now. Just turn the key, push button and its firing right up. All I did was adjust the mixture screw and then dialed in the idle screw the best I could. I believe the carbs are function much better now. I don't feel like there is a carb problem.

Im going to have to make some choke pull / levers etc... as my choke unit was rubbish.

As for the timing I will have a go at that relatively soon.

When in neutral, and I turn the key, as most people do, three lights turn on.

The Green, for neutral, Red, I think for charging and Amber for oil. sometimes the oil light is on other times it is not.

After the bike is on the oil light turns off right away regardless. I checked the oil and its right smack in the middle.

I check the oil by unscrewing the dip stick, wiping it down then re-inserting it by simply setting it on the threads and NOT screwing it in.

I tok the bike around the block again. This time it felt much better. - Still massively different than my 73 Honda, and still different than my previous R65. I am really excited about getting it to this point . Like I could just hop on and ride it to work. But I won't. I have 3 little boys to keep me from doing anything that dumb.

@disston, thanks again for walking me through all this.
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