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Back once again with the "E" from Tom's. He wanted my bike to test a few things on. Now, the top rack is a completely independent piece and does not require the side racks for support. The side racks have been changed accordingly, and the system sports an optional rear loop that ties the back of the side racks together. I did not have any issues with the racks without the rear loop, but some had requested them. They will be tested soon.

Once again, this system is put together with the care and knowledge that only an experienced rider and fabricator can offer. It's always good to talk to an craftsman who cares deeply about what he is doing. Hope you get those pics posted up soon, Tom. It's a great looking assembly, and I expected no less. There is nothing to equal this rack anywhere.

Tom, I'll keep that stinky green rig fueled up for whenever you want to ride it. I arrived back a few minutes ago, and decided to give it a kick while the beast was still captive on the trailer. First pop. The idle has leveled out, and there's no mosquito repellent. I'm beginning to wonder if it needs new jets at all.
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