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This thread is about a year old but it has an interesting bit of information: the 2011 TPS is sold as a unit and it seems to be fit for the early 990's.

My 2006/7 is acting weird and i'm leaning towards a bad TPS. Here's what happen:

1. key on
2. kill switch off/on, fuel pump works, secondary butterflies move, tach sweeps.
3. hit start
4. engine starts perfectly, but stays at 1400/1500 revs even when in cold start, i'd guess it should be at 1700revs
5. twist the throttle in neutral, all ok, revs go up nice and easy.
6. shift first, bike not moving, throttle acts normaly
7. start moving, ok
8. still moving, pull the clutch, revs drop to 1000/900, engine stalls
9. start button, engine turns, but does not start or only start if the throttle is a bit twisted, running roughly.
10. kill switch off, then switch on, fuel pump works, etc... same as step 2.
11. hit start
12. engine starts normally, stays again at 1400/1500 revs
13. repeat step 5., 6., 7. , etc...

To summarize, in neutral, she works ok, still does not speed up the idle for cold start (weather has been hot though..), when start moving if the clutch is pulled, the revs drop and engine stalls. Even when going through 3 or 4k, if closing the throttle i can clearly feel she's going to stall like if the kill switch was switched to off and the engine is turning due to rear wheel transmission, and if the clutch is pulled, she'll stall.

This means i don't have idle speed and in traffic i face a vtwin engine lock, which in low gears will mean a locked rear wheel until the clutch is puled. Not a good sight on a +200kg bike

I'm thinking about TPS totally wrong and not recognizing idle point, yet, it's strange that after reset with kill switch on/off, will start and idle at 1400/1500 almost normally, and when detectes phisical movement will go crazy and not idle.

what do you think?
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