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Please Help: Power Relay Fuse Blowing

Iíll try to be brief and give only the relevant points.
I have a 2011 990 Adv Dakar Edition with exactly 6,910 miles on it. I purchased it new in 8/11
At about 4,400 miles, the power relay fuse would randomly blow, killing the bike. This happened maybe 4 times. It seemed to happen most often on hard accelerations or anything that jarred the bike like a large pothole or when bringing the front down after a wheelie ;)
At first, I would simply replace the fuse and be on my way. However, there was one time when this did not work. I would put a fuse in, and the moment I turned the key the fuse would blow (obviously short).
I searched the internet, but did not find much. I stripped off all of the body work and visually inspected all of the wiring to see if something was chaffed or pinged. I could find nothing. I put the bike back together and low and behold the bike was fine. I didnít know what I did, but whatever it was the fuse no longer blew. So, I started riding it again.
I recently took about a 1000 mile trip with the wife. Bike ran flawlessly. On my way home, the same thing happened when I was within 10 miles of getting home (thankfully not 400 miles away on the dirt roads of Maine). I dropped the skid plate, and opened the battery tray (while waiting for a tow). I then closed the battery tray and bolted up the skid plate. I replaced the fuse and it started just fine.
The bike is currently starting\running just fine. However, I am reluctant to take it out again until I find out definitively what is causing the short circuit.
Any wisdom from the forum would be greatly appreciated.
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