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Time for the dissection:

Even in the spot where it failed/bubbled, the line was tough to cut. Once inside, here's what I found:

It's actually two hoses; the outer hose has a wrapping of nylon (?) for strength, then there's a smaller diameter hose with it's own wrapping inside that. The inner rubber hose had disintegrated and all the rubber bits had been pushed to the caliper end and into the caliper. It still functioned for who knows how long, still contained by the outer hose. It wasn't flowing freely, but enough was able to seep through to keep working until it finally locked the rear brake two weeks ago.

Once the new rear line was installed I took the caliper off and checked it out carefully. I took the old pads out and was able to push the pistons back into the caliper pretty easily and there were no leaks around them, so I decided to leave them alone (I'll send the repair kits back to Bob's for a refund). The old pads were ~60% gone and kind of smoked from dragging for who knows how long, so they were replaced with new EBC pads:

That looks better! Like I said earlier, when I saw that the rear brake line had failed I decided to replace all of them. There are five lines and the Spiegler set had everything I needed to completely swap them all out.
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