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Originally Posted by (none) View Post
Nicely done. Almost makes me want to go check my lines. Almost...Maybe this winter
Take a look at the photos above. How are you feeling now?

Originally Posted by The Walrus View Post
Interesting thread...I've got an '02 GS and bleed my brakes every 12-18 months. I'm a fan of pushing new fluid up from the calipers to fill the reservoir rather than bleeding down from the reservoir to the calipers.

I have seen discolored fluid with my process by never seen crud like that pictured. Since these are not the servo-linked brakes I've thought I had a good method. Comments?

After seeing all that crap stuck at the caliper end of the rear brake line, I'm happy I never pushed any of it back up into my ABS unit.

I'll post more on the rest of the job in a few minutes.

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