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Now that I've gotten one line done and didn't totally destroy anything, I'm feeling a bit more confident. Only four more to go, and these will be the tougher ones. Time for a beer to celebrate!

That's damned good beer, by the way.

OK, so here we go with the front end. I looked it over carefully and thought heck, I'll bet I could replace the lines without removing the tank! That was the beer talking, though; you can reach them but they'd be a PITA to get a wrench on and route properly.

So, off comes the tank, the right hand guard, etc. to free up access. I took a bunch of photos of the existing line placement etc. so I could put it back together properly, left side first. Again, I didn't remove the calipers or anything else that wasn't necessary to remove so that I'd be sure it all went together properly and nothing got pinched, routed incorrectly, or kinked:

I draped a big plastic bag over the wheel and layed out a bunch of paper towels. Since this line wasn't blocked it did actually drool a fair amount of fluid when I took it apart, but only enough that I had some wet paper towels. Since the front wheel lines all screw into metal line fittings there's no need to make sure the banjos are properly oriented. NOTE: some of the fittings are SAE and some are metric! It was a strange blend of the two.

The new line with new Speed Bleeder, the left side was pretty easy.

The right side is a little trickier since the front brake line comes down to a junction block and from there feeds the left side. Again, from the caliper to the block was easy since you don't have to adjust the banjo. I read in another post that the "fill port" gizmo could be removed and replaced with a Speed Bleeder, so that's what I did. That thing didn't come out easily, but the SB went right back in and worked beautifully:

Ran out of black zip ties :

Next, the tough one - from the front brake master cylinder to the connection to the ABS lines.

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