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Gotta take the hand guard off to get at things, and then carefully twist the banjos to the proper alignment before removing the old line. While I had the hand guard off I took the time to dissassemble the throttle and lube the cable and guides; I have never seen so many bits and pieces for a throttle assembly as this bike has! Sure works better now.

The top fitting goes up to the front master cylinder, the bottom to the front right caliper, both metal lines are from the ABS unit. Note how the throttle cable is clipped to the brake line with a cool gizmo to keep it from flopping around and getting pinched.

The new line is smaller diameter than the old, so I had to zip tie the throttle cable guide gizmo onto the SS line.

OK, all the new lines are now connected, everything zip-tied back in place, double-check that all the fittings are tight, etc. It's time to bleed everything now. Man, there's a lot of crap hidden under the tank on this thing! I'd had the tank off recently to put the new battery in, so at that time I'd also cleaned the air filter and cleaned everything up. Side note: we live on a farm and have mice. Check the air cleaner box; about two cups of dog chow! That must have been about 1000 trips for those little buggers, and how the hell did they find their way in there in the first place??? It runs better now.

The nipple on the right is the front brake circuit, left is the rear. I wish I'd had a couple more Speed Bleeders, but I was able to just squeeze the lever and then pinch the discharge hose to approximate a valve. It worked fine.

The front master cylinder was full of orange muck; don't remember this from the last change! Is that a water/oil emulsion?? Anyway, I used ear swabs to clean it out, then put fresh fluid in to start the bleed process. The exacto knife blade (cleaned carefully) is in there to keep the guyser of fluid from spraying out with every pump.

After this, it was just a matter of bleeding each circuit until fresh clean fluid came through. I never did see any more bits of rubber on any of the front brake lines. After everything was bled and checked for leaks I put the tank back on and fired her up, the brakes work great! I've still got the alternating flashing red ABS fault lights, so I'll need to clear that when I have some time. I still don't have the ABS working but hopefully it just means I need to re-set it.

The whole project took most of a day, but would have gone faster if I'd known what I was doing and didn't take so many photos.

Oh yeah, while I had the tank off I installed a PowerLet wiring harness for an additional power point to be mounted to the dash:

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