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Sounds Like you have things worked out.

Originally Posted by WilderRider View Post
It is a 2007 and I have put the last 20,000 miles on it. After my final shakedown ride today, it has 25,942 to start the trip.

And I am not worried about the 520 or Shinko244. I have been running those for a long time without problems. Like I said, I just replaced those again and am even carrying another 16 CS to swap out to try and lenghten the life of the chain. I am using a 16 because I went up to 46 on the rear and that puts it close to stock gearing for the roads. When I am offroad, I use the 14.

I am definitely excited about my light packing. I already test packed it and it all fits. Unfortunately, my light modo means I am not taking any camping gear, but it is the right choice. I like to camp and have done it on my other Mexico trips, but this time LIGHT makes RIGHT.
I'm glad to hear that you like the Shinko 244. I am on my second DR650 and have put nearly 50,000 miles between the two. I have tried lots of different tires and was looking at the front Shinko 244 for it's reasonable price, but wondered about it's handling and durability. Looks like you are in for a great time.

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