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So I'm out riding, 150 miles from home and am jumping some water-bars as is my usual routine. A few miles later I stop for a break and see lots of steam coming from the front of the bike.

To make a long story short I must have bottomed out and the Skid-plate crushed the lower row of cooling fins on my radiator.

The design flaw is that the skid-plate is attached to the oil reservoir, which in turn is connected to the radiator. So any force imparted on the skid plate is driven into the radiator.

I have Black Dog skid-plate w/ the additional "Shok Blok" which braces the skid plate on the bottom of the engine case to help absorb those REALLY big hits.

I was able to top it off and get to a gas station and add some stop leak which got me home.

Anyone else have this happen to them or have a viable solution for the problem?
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