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Originally Posted by Yellow Pig View Post
...Anyone else have this happen to them or have a viable solution for the problem?

When I read your question(s), there was one particular inmate who came to mind. He is not a big fan of that plate, for that exact reason.

The rear of the B-D plate mounts to very stong points, but eliminates the mid-mounts (to the best of my knowledge). Another inmate, here, cannibalized the oil tank, and told me that the damn thing could probably take a hit from an IED. So, since (like water) force is gonna' take the path of least resistance, the rear of the plate is gonna' act like a hinge...on some really bad, or awkward, hits (just from a mechanical perspective). And, in the front, the oil tank will absorb a good hit. However, the stuff above it won't.

Kurt makes great products, and (I believe) tried to address this issue by adding the Shok-Blok. And, in my very humble opinion, I think that 95% would never go beyond the limits of B-D's design. It appears that you are one of the 5%...congrats.

Anyhow, the inmate (who is not a fan) seems to prefer the G-it (Guard-it Technology) it mounts at three points.


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