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Gotta say, Gaspe has been a trip. Unexpectedly longer than I thought but one beautiful ride. Interesting how, going from west to east, the almost completely French speaking people ease back into English as I near New Brunswick. It's been a bit of a challenge for me but not a big one as these great people have been very forgiving to my highschool dropout French. I was hoping for better deals on what should be fall rates on motels but I guess if you want that ocean view, ya gotta pay. Could have camped last night but with this news making weather picture going on out there, it got real nippy again. Even tho I am outside the big hurricane picture and have complete clear skies, it apparently is sucking down this chilly arctic stuff with said results.
Got on the ferry across the big bay by noon and had a great ride over to Matain.

Met these guys on the crossing

They were up from Montreal and Toronto and, being English Canadian, they opened up the babble reflex in me. Were real interested in the Stelvio and it's price which beats the 1200 GS hands down. I may have just set the hook into a couple more perspective MG owners. Matter of fact a dude in a Tim's parking lot came up to me and quizzed me on the bike. He could have been my eastern twin. Just retiring carpenter, looking into a 1200GSA to travel and scared away by its almost $30000 outfitted pricetag.
A long enjoyable ride for a few more hours got me to within 120kms of the town of Gaspe and more cabins by the sea.

Rolled thru Gaspe next morning with clear skies abounding.

Pirates were here!

A familiar landmark appeared

The Pierce rock which is truly spectacular

You've prolly seen this cloudline thru most of my pics lately

That's the edge of the storm that is devistating the regions that I happen to be heading for. I can only hope it keeps moving away.
Clear skies at last night's stay

And on an unusual sightings footnote, and even tho I have not seen any whales of the known form, I did see this.

Walruses? No, even more bizarre

The flying Nuns have landed! And they are swimming! Who says there's no evolution?

The Motel was hosting a group of God's Ladies and they proceeded to amaze me by going for a good half hour dip. Closest thing to a miracle I've ever seen! I mean, those weren't wetsuits they were wearing.
More power to em, I say.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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