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Kristof Granit OP
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Novo - Moscow - Novo -- 2875km

09.05 - On the Road again... - First day 480km
I have been stop once by the police just after Novorossiysk, nothing special with the "Cross", kick look on the documents and the policeman wish me a safe journey.

Krimsk, they are building "kickly" some new buildings to relocated the peoples after the floods:

After Rostov, I stop in a small Motel, "discover" last year, secure parking, quiet and low price 1200 rouble for the night in a room with shower and toilet.

09.06 - Moscow - 941km (584miles)
Weather was ok on most part, but before Moscow heavy rain... any way I make my "longest journey" on a Ural at today's day, in Russia, even if it's on the M4.

Can be seen at the Bike Center:

Friday I didn't used the Ural and Saturday just 20 minutes...

09.09 Moscow Voronezh - 511km

Almost 300km under the rain, I have seen 3 accidents due to over speeding and aquaplaning... The picture showing the hotel was done the 10th in the morning (blue sky).

The hotel:

View from the hotel's window, rain and also heavy wind...

09.10 Voronezh / Rostov - 552km
No rain today but 2 accidents, if yesterday the cars were damaged but no ambulance, this time both accidents were more serious.
On the side of the highway, 15okm before Rostov,there is this monument and a nice view on the river Don:

Exact location: 50° 5'33.04"N 40°25'38.24"E

09.11 - Rostov/Novorossiysk - 377km

Today I have been stopped twice by the police, the first time at the entrance of a gas station, the policeman told me that there was a special "day" for the bikes... it;s ended as usual: me showing the pictures of the Ural and him wishing a safe journey :).
Less than 5 km the police car was on the other side of the road, on policeman ask me to stop, then I told him that his colleagues just controlled me, so I didn't show him my documents and he wish me a safe journey...

Weather was ok with +25C from midday and not too much traffic.

Total mileage for this ride: 2875KM
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