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Day 6 –Wednesday, July 26, 2012 –Green River, UT to Moab, UT

Another good night sleep thanks to some soft grass and a clean shower the night before. Jessie cleans up some more repairs and we hit the road soon after a quick breakfast snack. Immediately we see some of the most desolate areas of the whole trip. Entire miles of just gray dirt…no plants…no trees…not even much interesting topography. Looked like a good place to make nuke dump if you ask me.

Nice views a ways out of Green River.

Enjoying the morning light

Soon, we run into some more technical riding, some sand, some rocks and lots of GREAT dual sport riding. I’m really digging the little bike in this stuff, but there are few sandy “Pucker Moments”. As we move on, the views get more astounding. The land drops away from us to the south and is really impressive in spots. The hard going, heat and days on the road start to take its toll, and soon as we find pavement at the Colorado river, we find some shade and regroup. Unfortunately there is no drinking water, and I don’t even want to think about filtering the Colorado River. That drives a nail in the day for John – he’ll head into Moab and grab a hotel room (and most likely a drink or two), while Jessie and I will continue.

Things get more challenging

Time for a self portrait during a break

The edge of the world

Long ways south towards the Colorado River

Strange Rocks along the way

The Mighty Colorado

Too bad for John, but good for us, we run into probably my favorite part of the whole ride: Onion Creek Canyon. The best part of the ride was that Onion Creek was nice and cool, and I really needed that at this point. The road climbs up a dark red canyon and crosses the river a dozen or so times. At the first crossing, I soaked my shirt (Surprised that its shockingly cold), and that kept me cool for an hour or so. At times the road was did get a bit challenging, but was full of great scenery. We then climb up into the surround mountains, eventually Jessie and I run up to the top of a 10k mountain to get a killer view.

Heading for Onion Creek

Jessie giddy with excitement


Getting Closer to the Canyon – Love those big skys

Onion Creek Canyon

Time to soak my T-Shirt

Some slick areas

If I were a geologist I could tell you what these rocks were…But I ain’t

We came from down there

Moab is down there someplace

About the only Slick Rock I rode. This is actually a road.

Rest Stop Views

By now I was getting pretty pooped as it was well over 100 degrees, and the last bit of riding into Moab was a bit of drain. In fact I had to stop for a rest and a “warm” drink and a snack. Jessie’s goes ahead of me down to Slickrock, an I find him chatting up some mountain bikers. He then decides to give the slick rock a try of his own, but I’m too damn tired and have a cold beer on my mind.

Jessie Showin Off at Slickrock

Once we get to Moab, we page John and meet up at the Super8 for cold drink, laundry, charging, shower, beer and food in that order.

Tomorrow, screw the desert, let’s get high.
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