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Some Interesting sights on a ride I took from the top of the Malahat to Cobble hill on the trail. Just past the trailhead, the first pic was back in winter, and I had to drop the bike to 45 degrees and push it uphill to get under the smaller tree.

Thanks to whoever cut that section out! This was late July.

I love old bikes, I met this guy at Oliphant lake doing some fishing. Check out his rig!

I'm curious if they keep up on removing the Scotch Broom in areas that are re-planted on the Island. This is what happens in areas that they don't. It takes over massive chunks of the land letting nothing else grow. It's very hard to get rid of. I have never seen it anywhere but the Island.

Some edibles along the way. Salmon berries,they're just a bit tart yet.

Near Mill bay.

This is the car I grew up with! Well, not this one, we didn't have a skid plate or a winch. I can see how it would make a capable bush whacker.

My Mom called it her little snow cat. One of the schools I went to was at the top of a steep hill in Lake Cowichan, and when it snowed there, we'd wait for the big tough 4X4's to slide backwards down the hill so we could crawl right up with no trouble whatsoever! It would never get stuck in winter. I have fond memories of the 84 Tercel 4x4.

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