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Bike needed

Hi everyone!
I just moved to Malang for a one year scholarship (darmasiswa). It is a real nice city, perfect weather and surroundings! I am a big motorcycle fan, love touring, went from my hometown in Budapest, Hungary to beautiful places like Sicily, Athens, Helsinki and Moscow. I do not want to stop this mania in Indonesia, but I am in need of a bike and also could use someone from the area to discuss the nicest routes.

So my question is: does anyone know a proper motorcycle in Malang for rent or for sale? As a student I have a rather low budget, thinking about around 600-700 USD for buying one, but it would be better for me to rent long term as I will surely be leaving in July 2013.

What I look for is something with proper gears and as big/robust as possible: I am very tall and almost all bikes here seem small for me:) I want to travel on Jawa, Bali and Sumatra as well, so a comfortable seat position would be nice.

Any recommendations, ideas?

Terima kasih for any possible answer, hope to see you on the roads soon!


Tamas from Hungary - now in Malang
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