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I stopped over at Jackpiner57's place yesterday, and loaded up my DRZ400 "E" with some sweet rack mods, and then slapped Tom's KDX on the trailer. First, we mixed up some fresh pre-mix. The KDX sat for over two years in Tom's shop. With a fresh charge of gas, it all of three kicks to bring it back to life.

There can be no more mosquitoes within a five-mile radius of Tom's shop. The KDX smoked a bit until warmed up, then settled into a nice "Maytag full of Crescent Wrenches" idle.

Tom was obviously hurting letting this trail monster go. He took it for a few spins up and down his road, spraying gravel and grinning like hell.

I forgot to throw a helmet in the van, and I sure as hell wasn't going to ride that beast without one.

However, I got it off the trailer, and today thought I'd take it out for a pop. Haven't ridden a two-stroke in about fifteen years. The KDX is supposed to be pretty mellow. Got it out on the gravel drive, all nicely warmed up. First, no problem. Front is light, but planted. I'm being conservative. Second, same. In third, I threw on the slightest bit of stick, and the front just rose and kept coming up until I chopped. I'm not a wheelie guy. As a matter of fact, I've never wheelied intentionally, unless I needed to hop over a log or something.

Seems I've entered into a whole different ball game.

I kinda like it.
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