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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Yah,its not KTM's design flaw,they didnt build that plate. That's amazing to bolt a skidplate to a oil reservoir. Having a dirt going bike with an oil reservoir under the engine is a excersize in hope.
I think someone else said that the oil tank could take an IED hit, and this is why KTM built it this way. It's a structural holding tank as well as a means of cooling; it serves three purposes with the same component. Fuel and oil tanks on aircraft, trophy trucks and F1 cars are the same way. Done right, it's structure first, tank second and in the airflow/painted black, cooler third...and KTM has achieved this.

There is no place else practical to put the oil tank, that is in the airflow(dry sump cooling) and is practical to make a simple tank to do. If you can find another place to put that much oil at crankcase level on the bike that is any less vulnerable, send a letter to KTM, and see if they hire you on as their latest head engineer. It's there for a reason and quite honestly, if you break the tank or land on the skidplate so hard that it breaks the oil tank, you've likely got a lot bigger issues to worry about by then(and afterward).
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