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Thanks for the feedback, I may have more questions.
Buddy, I get reports from work about conditions in other countries. Personally, I'd caution going to any country outside Canada, Europe, South Africa, Some of South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina), Netherlands, Australia, and Japan. Poverty, social unrest, law enforcement bribes are the risks that can lead to false emprisonment or being detained or held for ransom. You don't have to be a white oil executive to be yanked off your bike at gunpoint. There are steps you can take to mitigate the risk i.e. learn the language, be in a group ride, low profile i.e. don't look rich, etc. However, the influence of the US is directly proportional to the "if I get in a mess, the embacy can get me out of it."
If that doesn't bother you... Think of "what if I get hurt?" the hospitals are not quality medicine nor do they take insurance cards. It could get pretty expensive to just get out of the country on a stretcher.

Personally, there are way too many roads between the counties I listed that are epic... And feel safe. My two cents.
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