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I've really enjoyed your ride report! Thanks! It is also interesting to hear what you have to say about journeying itself. There are some riders out there who seem to have found their passion in the nomadic life (see Lightcycle's ride report, for example) and revel in the idea of motorcycling without end, and there are others who like a definite end-point. Some of these latter folks seem to re-integrate fairly easily with living a more conventional, shall I say, static, life, when the ride is over, while others find the readjustment very difficult. It would be great to hear more of your thoughts about motorcycling and they fit together, which one drives the other, if at all, and so on. For some, the idea of having to "get back" makes the trip seem pressured and rushed at the end, and can even make the second half of the trip kind of a downer, along the lines of the old saying: "how far can you walk into a forest? Half-way." Did it feel that way for you once you passed the half-way point of your trip? Would you have preferred to have made the trip with a GF or BF? Not as independent with a companion, but then there's someone to share experiences with. Or maybe the longer stops you made provided you with the opportunity for social interaction?
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