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I read all your other ride reports

Originally Posted by WilderRider View Post
It is a 2007 and I have put the last 20,000 miles on it. After my final shakedown ride today, it has 25,942 to start the trip.

And I am not worried about the 520 or Shinko244. I have been running those for a long time without problems. Like I said, I just replaced those again and am even carrying another 16 CS to swap out to try and lenghten the life of the chain. I am using a 16 because I went up to 46 on the rear and that puts it close to stock gearing for the roads. When I am offroad, I use the 14.

I am definitely excited about my light packing. I already test packed it and it all fits. Unfortunately, my light modo means I am not taking any camping gear, but it is the right choice. I like to camp and have done it on my other Mexico trips, but this time LIGHT makes RIGHT.
I read all of your other ride reports and can see that you have been working up to this 3 month adventure for a long time. I'm sure this trip will be one where you can put all those past experiences and learned skills to good use.
I will be following your report with great interest.

Ride Safe,

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