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After a good night's sleep I was on my way again. Weather was okay, partly cloudy, with good temperatures. I criss-crossed through Eifel north-east bound avoiding everything that looked like a larger city by sticking to the smallest roads. Yesterday in a mega-big fucker of a supermarket, I was so lucky to stumble over the ADAC KartenSet 1:200,000. Excellent! For the last 10 years I've used Shell's Die General Karteset 1:200,000 over Germany, and that's mildly spoken worn out, and not quite up to date I'd in my idiocy left 2/3 of the Shell map-set at home mostly using 1:500,000 maps over Germany. The smallest roads are not on a 1:500,000 scale map... But back to the riding.
Small nice german towns.

Suddently I hear this unmistakebly sound and point the camera to the sky. Shooting 20 something pic's at highspeed, I managed to get this shot. They were flying bloody fast and low!

Lovely Eifel.

Taking it easy, time to enjoy.

I noticed at some point that I'd crossed into the state Hessen, and thought to myself wait a moment, I know about a biker-hotel in the so-called Saurland in Oberhessen. I stopped at a parking/resting-area and got the pc out. Found the adress and plotted it into the GPS. Damn it was only 8 km away. But the time was only 14:00, a bit too early to stop, or what? To hell with it I thought got to check that biker-hotel out for future reference. So I rode to the small town Battenberg-Dodenau.

Recently I'd noticed that a lot of the houses had slate on the walls. Here I found a nice old house looking like that.

Then I checked in at the biker-hotel Arnold.

Also a nice biker-place with a good atmosphere.

Coming there so early, I had a lot of time to plan the rest of my route home on the smallest roads with my new ADAC map-set.
After my route-planning was done I went down to the bar before dinner. I got talking to a local guy who'd had a beer or 3 too many. He kept telling me how good I spoke german, and all I could answer was, but you're drunk and talking too bloody fast for me, I only understand half of what you're saying! He didn't seem to mind though, so I tried to say yes and no, in what seemed like the right places
After another brilliant day and evening it was off to bed.
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