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a few years ago, on Day 1, my riding partner's Husqvarna broke down. so i was on my own.

on Day 2 in the morning, at the gas station next to the Ramada in Barstow, i see CA Stu. we had never officially met but with and ADV we kinda knew each other, so i said "hi" and he asked who i was riding with, i told him my buddy bailed, he said, LET'S RIDE!!!

there are some GREAT people on this ride!

even when my buddies Husky broke down, we had every rider that went by check to see if we were okay and maybe 8 guys that actually stopped to really look at the situation even though we 'thought' we had it under control (we didn't)

my buddy did get it running enough to make it to the next stop and one of the sweeps in a truck asked if we were okay, and we told him the situation. he ended up taking my riding buddy back to Palmdale. no questions. it's just what he does.
no one is left behind.

like i said.

the best ride of the year.

Rescue 3 is there. moto sweep. truck sweep. great terrain. challenging. fun. and everyone is wearing a smile all weekend!!!
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