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But I still have a very fuzzy understanding of how they interact, and also how to interpret their behavior. Like that bog on the FZ1. I know that's not a main jet problem, but how do I know if I need to go up or down or change the mixture, slow speed jet?? See what I mean? Noob here.
I use my neighbor's carb book from Sudco.

On some carbs you can put the choke on a little and try to recreate the symptom and if it's better, then you need to richen the pilot jet/cutaway/jet needle/needle jet/main jet depending on the throttle opening of the problem. (If a problem is RPM related it is probably resonance mismatch in the airbox or exhaust, but if a problem appears at a certain throttle position, it is probably carburetion.

BUt as I said, I refer to a book myself.

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Since I have two bikes and can weld, I thought it might be interesting to use a wideband o2 sensor like the innovate LC-1 setup. That way I can use one gauge to tune both bikes.
Is the LC-1 a controller for injection or a meter for carbs? The way I read the site you'd probably want the LM-1. But I really don't know anything about Innovate or their products. I, too, want a wideband sensor and meter because the fuel/air ratio can be wrong for a short time in some situations where it's hard to determine if the bog is lean or rich.

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Thoughts and constructive criticism other than to stop build wacky bikes and buy a stocker?
DO NOT STOP building wacky bikes. They entertain me. You can send me one if you'd like.
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