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Originally Posted by huronbikes View Post
I was pondering over how to deal with a Suzuki GT500 and its dead CDI / PEI / Caveman Transistorized Ignition module. Has anyone tried using a GM HEI module to trigger the coils on that bike, or any other sort of devious hackish substitution?

If you guys haven't seen it before, demonstrates building an ignition for the GPz 4s and the 750 twins, though both are 4 strokes and I'm not exactly sure what factors need to be accounted for when trying to duplicate this for a two stroke.

Alternatively, is there an aftermarket option that doesn't cost a butt and a nut?
The way i read it, it should work fine, one module per coil. The 4 cylinder setup would be the same since those bike are a wasted spark system (it fires at TDC every revolution).
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