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Originally Posted by ADK View Post
OK, the nationals are done with...
What you got to say about next year's supercross season?
it looks like the current old guard may finally be faced with reality. I didn't like when Hannah came along and started beating my hero's Weinert, Gary Jone's, and all the rest of them. The cycle continues..If Barcia and Dean Wilson are on 450's somethings got to give. Assuming Reed, Stewart, Dungey, Villopotto, Windham, and Canard are running good, there already isn't enough room in the top 5. As much as I hate to say it (don't like him) Barcia (and Wilson) are going to make the current pot boil over. How much longer can Windham defy time and age? This truly is now or never for Reed/Stewart.

Somethings got to give. You really can't even look at top 5, maybe 8 is a better number. Can Nicoletti get up in there? If Weimer up's his game he'll crowd the room also.

If I had to pick right now I'd pick......
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