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Day 8

As I said in yesterday’s ride post, we camped at the end of the road, literally. Here’s a shot:

The rest of the day was filled with great riding through some superb landscapes. We headed south and east down the back side of the La Sals heading toward the town of La Sal. We stopped and took in the views of the backside of the La Sals.

There’s good riding up in them thar hills. Actually, there was a section of single track directly behind where we had camped. There is a large section of state trust land up there. Here's a link: Don’t get fooled by all the (hot) stuff down around Moab, the locals gotta ride somewhere in the summer months, no?

We came down onto highway 46 and headed east towards the state line and the town of Bedrock in the Paradox Valley. Highway 46 was a freakin blast! That road was so much fun to ride I almost turned around to do it again. Once into Colorado the road straightened but it was still a very cool place to be riding a motorcycle. Didn’t get any photos through here.

We rolled in Naturita at lunch time. As there ain't much to choose from in Naturita we ended up grabbing some sandwiches and a salad from the deli in the back of the grocery store. The lady at the checkout told us to head down to the river as there was a nice park down there. Indeed, we found a nice bench under the shade of a tree and took ourselves a nice long lunch break.There was also one table right next to the Dolores River but it was already taken and the local kids were swimming in the river.

After lunch we continued south and east rolling by the Miramonte Reservoir and then through the Lone Cone State Wildlife area. This was pleasant riding along gravel roads in a remote area but not all that exciting. I experimented with the camera getting some motion blur of the road as it went by. Really mom, I wasn't doing 100 mph.

Here’s a shot of what I think was Lone Cone, the same peak that can be seen in the distance in the above image.

And then onto the Groundhog Reservoir. Now we were starting to get back into the cool peaks of the San Juans. The route through here was super scenic but all the roads had been freshly graveled so we had to keep our wits about us.

We came across a cool spot for a break. We thought we'd stop and make a cup of coffee and take in the view....

But it didn't quit work out that way. Early in the day I unintentionally left Kerry behind near the Miramonte Reservoir. Her bike wouldn't start for several minutes and I had already ridden off and had neglected to check to see that she was following behind me. I got an earful for that one. Her bike magically fixed itself and she was able to start it so she came along after about 10 minutes. While stopped here at this great spot the bike did it again. We started taking off the seat and side panels to investigate but then it just started. WTF? We ignored the issue to rolled on.

Here's a couple of more shots along FS533.

You can make out the fresh gravel in these two shots.

We begain looking for a camp spot as it was getting to be late afternoon by now and it would have been spectacular to have camped amongst these peaks. We rolled on towards the Dunton Rd. but found nowhere good to camp (good as in near water and flat). We ended up going up to the Burro Bridge Campground but it was not to our liking and, if I recall correctly, there was no water. I also recall there being a rather deep fresh patch of gravel that nearly took both of us out. Nothing like stressing while riding at the end of the day. We turned around and headed down 535 looking for a spot along the Dolores River. Turns out this area is filled with private land so there wasn't much to choose from since all the obvious spots had trailers or the like (no people) parked in them, holding spots for the weekend I guess. I really despise this practice. I finally noticed a faint track crossing a meadow so I went down to investigate. Score! I found a great grassy spot right on the river and completely out of view from the road. We set up camp.
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