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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
Just as an FYI, the MX1k rules don't allow LED tail lights.
I read the rules as stating that LED tail lights don't satisfy the requirement for a rear reflector, but if you add a 2" reflector (or reflective tape) then you've satisfied the rule. I don't see the rule as banning LED tail lights. Am I incorrect?

All 4-wheel vehicles must have two red reflectors of at least 2" diameter each or two 2-inch round red reflectors (DOT stock taillight lenses satisfy this requirement) attached to the rearmost portion of vehicle at each corner. The reflective tape or reflectors must be clearly visible from the rear. LED lights are non-reflective and do not meet this requirement. Motorcycles and ATVís must have one (1) 2" red reflective device.

All bike and quad entries must have one (1) headlight and one (1) taillight. The taillight must be on and operational at all times. The entry may not be allowed to start a Special stage unless the taillight is operational.

Thanks for any insight or clarification.
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