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Originally Posted by tbarstow View Post
Rough it for a few days. Don't bring a huge pile of crap to go camping. You'll waste a lot of energy hauling a lot of stuff.

Lose your windshield and mirrors. Look at the daily mileages you'll be doing. The normal GS rider thinks he has to have the bike COMPLETELY full of gas, you don't need that much gas with you. That's the easiest way to lose weight on the big girl.

Start running and doing some exercises, like picking up your bike. If you're in shape, you'll be much better off.

Equipment on the bike isn't going to make much difference. I found that the Kenda Big Block tires hooked up much better in the dirt than the TKC, along with having a stiffer sidewall for running lower tire pressures.
All good points except the gas part. I thought I would be all scientific and calculate the gas needs for my GSA during LAB2V last year to lighten up the bike. Rode into Baker on fumes the first day, stalling twice after the longest sand wash ride of my life. All I could think about was how embarrassing it would be to get picked up by sweep and out of gas with a 8.7 gallon tank.

Lesson learned ... what's 5 or 6 pounds of fuel matter when the bike already weighs 560lbs?

I just wish the west version was the same price as the east version. Looks to be about a $1,000 all in to do the Rawhyde version. You guys must be all big bucks guys.

Good Luck, will look for you all on the score sheets.
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