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I'd planned to have a look at a small bit of Saurland. Under a clear blue sky I rode east,

untill I reached naturpark Kellerwald-Edeersee where I went along the shore of Affolderner See,

followed by Edersee. Saurland turned out to be a pleasant surprise, got to get back here again to explore the area.

I went north of Kassel to avoid traffic, and crossed the river Wesser on my way into Naturpark Mürden.

The vacation was getting near the end, so I tried to slow down, enjoying the last bit.

Nice riding area.

When crossing Lüneburger Heide it started to rain around 16:00, so I checked in at Schumann's Hotel.

In the bar after dinner I got talking to a woman, seemingly nice. And well, men are men, so no need to tell you what I was thinking about. It quickly turned out to be a nightmare, as she spent an hour telling me how dangerous it was to ride a motorcycle, with no respect to me or my points of view. I tried to say that I was aware of the dangers and after 25 years of succesfully surviving riding my bikes, I thought that I had a pretty good idea as to what I was doing. It was like talking to a deaf. She bulldozed me down. Talking about my son, and eventually of my riding with a 6 year old approx. 30,000 km over Europe finding that safe, she went totally bananas and called me irresponsible. Well horny or not, I was fed up with her shit, and told her fuck you bitch - and went to bed.
I usually regard myself as a good ambassador for motorcycle-riding, but that was just too much.

Next morning it was a damp and misty morning when I started out.

I don't know what it is with me and Lüneburger Heide, but I never seem to ride here in sunshine.

I'd planned to ride up through Holsteinische Schweiz, a nice area in the northern most part of Germany. But it was raining on and off, and several times I thought of just hitting the autobahn to get home.
Thankfully the rain stopped at last.

Holsteinische Schweiz is a very beautiful area, and being close to the ferry to Denmark an excellent place for shorter trips.

Last ziggy stop here,

before I boarded the ferry and afterwards blasted up the motorway to Copenhagen.
It's been a good trip. I really enjoyed riding with team rrr, and as I'm writing we're planning a get-together evening with some good food. One can only hope that planning of future trips will take place
On the other hand I also enjoyed having a week by myself. For the past 2 years I've been riding with Nikolai, my son. He's without comparison my best riding-buddy, but it was nice for once to be on my own, only thinking of my own needs and what I wanted.
And then I got the chance to ride some brilliant parts of Europe.

That was all from me guys and girls, I hope you enjoyed.
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