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7 July 2012
The vacation continues!
Lord I'm grateful for hot water and decent booze.
Wd-40 too. I find a big can and pretty much give the Ural a bath in an attempt at de-squeaking and un-rusting.
There's lots of two wheel conveyance around here and the Ural brand tire that I put on the pusher in Bali is going bald after only 2000km so I resolve to find a tire.
Oddly enough 19" proves to be the rarest of sizes. 17", 18", 20", 21", no problem! 19"? Forget about it!
I order a tire from Australia (it's pretty damn close you know) and have it sent to meet me back in Kupang (West Timor)

I'm told there is a skeleton of a T-Rex at the presidents palace. The hotel receptionist is skeptical. She thinks it's human bones from a massacre being passed off as a dinosaur. There's oil around here so dinosaurs seems plausible. It's been awhile since I've been in school but last I checked those two things were still being taught as connected. Or it could be a gift from the Chinese, as was the palace itself.
There is a skeleton but it's a plaster reproduction. False advertising I say! Big difference between dinosaur bones and copy of dinosaur bones. Damn you Lonely Planet!

East Timor is the end of the road for a few bikers. Or the beginning if you're coming from Australia.

We meet a Norwegian guy that rode his Royal Enfield all the way from Kathmandu Nepal to East Timor (our reverse route!) with little planning, almost no motorcycle experience, and 0 mechanical skills. I admire that!
The reliability (14,000km, no failures) of his 13 year old bike makes me hate my new and needy Ural even more.

There's also a quartet of big shots from Jakarta on chromed out Harleys.
There's a HUGE luxury tax on imported goods in Indonesia. A nice Harley is USD $40k to $60k. Damn!
The guys are nice and have good stories though. Jakarta is a pretty terrible place to ride so they ship the bikes all over and have their adventures that way.
I'm surprised that they would risk them on Timorese roads.

Pfffft, like East Timor didn't have enough problems already.

From Nepal to Timor on a Royal Enfield. Good job dude!

Harley dudes, their pics.

Harley dudes, their pics.

Harley dudes
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