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I've now logged about 500 miles on my add-on fuel pressure regulator (FPR) and LC-1 combo--no BoosterPlug or other changes to my stock R1150RT.

The LC-1 and FPR are tuned for a gasoline AFR of 13.8:1 using E10 fuel. The mileage includes almost 100 miles between 70 and 85 mph. Lambda on the LC-1 is now set to 0.94. And the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is set to 52 PSI, correcting Open Loop for both the change in Lambda and the leanness of E10 fuel. As setup now, I would say that the Boxer engine is as responsive, smooth and powerful (for the bike's weight) as any engine I've owned. It's interesting to duck down below the windscreen between 60 and 80 mph in 6th gear, listening to the engine it's very comfortable at these speeds, powers and RPMs (3000-4000).

On the last series of Open Loop tests that I made, I attempted to set things up in the garage while on a conference call. Cradling the phone on my shoulder, taking the bike off the center stand and dodging some stuff piled on the floor in front of the bike led to a slow motion tip-over and a couple of deep scratches on the windscreen as it hit an adjacent bicycle. I've bought a Micro-Mesh kit and some coarser (320 & 600) sandpaper. That seems to be going pretty well. Scratches are gone, polishing it up.

When I have time, I'll take a look at all the speeds and RPMs where the Motronic is Closed Loop, at least as much as I can cover.

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