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Originally Posted by Dynamick View Post
New problem: Round peg, squared hole! To Dremel or not to Dremel that is the question.
Finished for today going to go eat cake.

If you decided not to dremel the housing, consider one of these kits.- -

If, like my Bandit, the stock headlight wiring on your bike leaves a bit to be desired you will not get all the light you can from the bulbs. I installed one of their kits in my Bandit and the increase in light output was astounding. This is due to the fact that a small drop in voltage to the bulb results in a big decease in light output.

I can't find the light right now, but a chart I came across on Hella's site showed a 15% drop in voltage resulted in close to a 40% drop in light output..

Using my Bandit as an example, after the kit install I can see almost as far down road with the low beam as I could before with the high beam.
Yea, whatever.
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