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A KTM 690E is fine as a dual sport, but it is not a ADV bike stock. It takes another $3k to get there with today's KTM aftermarket. Search other threads - its all there. But the total cost is way out of my price range. KTM blew it - a 690 motor in the old 640 ADV frame and they were done. But they just couldn't resist moving it toward the Enduro race bike end of the spectrum. That is, after all, what KTM does.

A DR-650 is air/oil cooled and is minimalist (1996) technology. Dead reliable; nothing fancy.

The new bikes are water cooled, with stronger alternators, FI which requires larger batteries, wiring and computer(s), and some have larger (for a passenger) subframes, etc. It all adds up to a 25-50 lbs. increase from a DR650.

The next question is where that weight is carried: higher or lower. Lower is always better, but each design has its limits. I'll wait for the first reviews before I get excited. So far, this is too close to a Serao/Dakar and too far from a TE630 for me, but I'm willing to be convinced. For me, a 6-speed (wide ratio) transmission is mandatory on a bike this heavy. I hope the specs are right or it is dead on arrival for me.

I think a 400 lbs. multi ADV bike is a dream, but a great design target. I'd settle for a 465 lbs. wet XT900Z, but am not holding my breath - hence my interest here.
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