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10 September 2012
Manado, Sulawesi

Just a quick update from the present.

The last week has been action packed!

I met up with some bikers from Jakarta and we rode the pleasant 2000km across Sulawesi together. They have local chapters in most of the major cities so every night was interesting and brotherly. And sometimes filled with karaoke.
Ate horse soup (tastes good, feel funny afterwards)
Discovered a not so bad $3k Chinese cruiser called a Ruby.
Got stuck in the sand on the equator.
Survived almost solely on fish and rice.
Posed for a million pictures.
Happened to stay in a hotel hosting a beauty contest (what luck!) and met Miss Indonesia.

Bikers from Jakarta

Horse soup

2000km across Sulawesi

Surprise, it's fish!

Kaisar Ruby. $3k Chinese cruiser.

The boys in Parepare

Ural beach equator porn

More fish and rice

Posing for pictures 100 times a day. I may not be the tallest man on Sulawesi but it sure feels like it!

Miss Indonesia (not the best photo of her to be fair)
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