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interesting. you're running that tire tubeless? i know other tube-type shinkos can be run tubeless. seen in on the versys up front.

yeah no one talks about that tire.
sounds like they wear mega fast:
"I put this tire on the back of my daughter's 69 Trail 90 with a 140cc engine. Planned for it to last for 2 months of riding in Utah and the Southwest. At 4 weeks and 2000 miles it was totally bald. Riding was 80 percent off road, not fast, just exploring. Traction was good but tread life was horrible. Not recommended."

only 2000 miles on a light bike like that.
i'm sure they grip like crazy however.

Originally Posted by Flashback View Post

I'm onto, and really liking, the TR8 front too. Been riding one for the last several months. In love with the TR8 on the DR650.

Shinko 700 not so much front or rear...really not a fan of the 700's at all. Didn't like front. Didn't like rear.

Prefer the Shinko 244 for both over the 700 even though the 244 get's sometimes poor reviews. I like it anyway.

Upfront on the 19 inch wheel bikes (Vee and F650GS) I'm super super happy with the Shinko SR241 Trials tire. That is one under-rated tire if you ask me. Love it for highway and for dirt. Great for the thumpers. At least that's my hmo.

And yes...Daniel doesn't seem to have much power of control. I would suggest anyone who takes over and brings MITAS into the USA start a new thread. Too much bad juju with this one.
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